what do health care jobs pay

If you want to become a health care professional, there are various positions open to you. Salaries for these jobs vary considerably based on job type and location; according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimates for 2022 median annual wages in this industry were estimated at $74,402.

In 2015, the national average salary for all occupations was $45,760; additionally there are many highly paid health care jobs available in medicine suited to professionals of a wide variety of skillsets and education backgrounds, including doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

Healthcare jobs can be found across a range of settings, from hospitals to home health services. Although employment levels in most of these settings declined drastically during the pandemic, employment levels have since generally returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Jobs that involve direct interaction with patients typically offer higher salaries in healthcare, including doctors and surgeons, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Non-patient facing roles also offer decent compensation packages; though not as much.

Physicians and surgeons, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, earn the highest salaries within healthcare. They specialize in various specialty fields like orthopedics and obstetrics. Other highly paid healthcare professionals include radiographers/radiologists/radiologists/radiologists/radiologists pulmonologists anesthesiologists

Therapists hold one of the highest paying healthcare jobs. These professionals provide treatment for a range of disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as treating injuries to muscles or bones or even treating addictions.

Medical and health services managers are among the highest-paying roles within the healthcare industry. These managers oversee, direct, and coordinate business operations of healthcare providers – typically holding at least a bachelor’s degree with experience working clinical or administrative roles.

Pharmacy and pharmacology assistants dispense medications prescribed by physicians or other health practitioners and advise them on selection, dosage, interactions and side effects of various drugs. Their duties also may include performing lab tests, creating vaccines or counseling patients.

Speech-language pathologists are one of the highest-paying professions within healthcare. Their primary duties involve diagnosing and treating various speech, language, voice and fluency disorders in both adults and children as well as selecting and teaching alternative communication systems to individuals in their care.

As with all jobs, healthcare salaries can differ widely by state and region. California and New York are often known for offering higher wages to attract qualified staff; salary figures for certain jobs in healthcare often correlate with population density; therefore it is wise to research pay rates prior to moving, as this will enable you to assess if any potential jobs are worth their financial commitment. Please click one of the states listed below for more information regarding its healthcare industry and job market.